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Improve your day-to-day life with professionals who care

Which one is you?

“I need help at home”

Home Health Aide/Personal Care Assistant

I have trouble shopping, cooking and getting around. I need a loving companion to help me with activities of daily living.

Yes this is me!

“I want a loved one to care for me”

CDPAP by Preferred

I need help at home, but I want to get care from a family member or friend – someone who knows me and loves me.

Yes this is me!

“I need help getting back to myself”

Licensed Therapists

I’m about to be discharged from the hospital, but I have a way to go. I need qualified in-home therapists to help me regain my abilities – and get back to my routines.

Yes this is me!

“I need help recovering”

Skilled Nursing

I’m recuperating from surgery. I need a nurse who will set up a treatment plan to help me avoid post-surgery complications and get back to routine.

Yes this is me!

Get loving help at home

Preferred offers two kinds of home aides to
help you live easier – and happier.

Your level of need will determine if you are eligible for a
home health aide or personal care assistant.

Home Health Aide

Help with activities of daily living

You need help maintaining your quality of life. Maybe you find it hard to dress, shower, or perform basic grooming tasks on your own. Your home health aide will help you:

Bathe and groom

Get dressed

Prevent falls


Prepare meals

Transfer from bed to chair

Remember to take your medication

Flexible Scheduling

Your personal care assistance can service you on a part-time, hourly or full-time basis.


“So happy with her personality and service”

“I was recently discharged from the hospital. I was very sick and needed help. Preferred sent me a temporary aide. I was so happy with her personality and service that I requested she be assigned to me permanently — and she was!”

Caroline Anderson, Westchester, NY

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Personal Care Assistant

Help with general lifestyle activities

You are active and mobile. But you have trouble getting dressed, keeping house or remembering to take your medications. Your personal care assistant will:

Offer warm companionship

Shop for groceries

Prepare for meals

Do light housekeeping

Take care of laundry

Help you get dressed

Escort you to appointments

Flexible Scheduling

Your home health aide can service you on a part-time, hourly or full-time basis.


“I was impressed and grateful”

“I was apprehensive at first. Would this stranger know how to connect with Mom? I watched her delicately work to establish a friendly relationship and engage Mom in daily activities…and I knew I had my answer. I was impressed and grateful.”

Gabriel Landman, Great Neck, NY

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What can my home aide do for me?

Help with…




Getting dressed

Medical appointments


Medication reminders

Emotional support

Bed-to-chair transfer




Fall prevention


Questions about my in-home health aide

We are extremely selective in our hiring process. When you work with Preferred, you can expect a certified + licensed aide who:

  • Speaks YOUR language
  • Has completed extensive training
  • Has passed multiple background checks
  • Is monitored regularly on-the-job

Our aides master continually-updated curricula, plus new in-services that reflect the latest industry standards. And most have graduated from our very own school, accredited by the NYS Department of Health.

Yes. Many of our clients are eligible for 24 hour care.

No. Live-in aides must still get at least one day off per week. On that day, you’ll get a regular replacement aide.

We believe good communication is the bedrock of effective care. That’s why we hire coordinators and home health aides who speak YOUR language. You can expect to enjoy effortless communication (and zero frustration!) from your very first call.

  • English
  • Español
  • Kreyòl
  • עִברִית
  • Русский
  • אִידִישׁ
  • 广东话
  • 普通话

No. Male aides can only provide care for male patients. Female aides can provide care for both male and female patients.

If you feel you need more hours of care, we’ll help you submit a request to your insurance plan.

No. Your aide can do light housekeeping, including tasks like cooking, washing dishes, sweeping, and cleaning the kitchen.

No. You can offer if you wish, but your aide may not ask you for food or lunch.

No. Aides may not ride in the patient’s private vehicle. You can get around together by walking, cabbing, or using public transportation.

Yes. If your aide is accompanying you on an errand or medical appointment, you are obligated to pay their fare.

No. In the event that you fall, your aide is required to follow our safety protocols and call 911 if needed. This is to prevent further injury.


Get loving care now

Call now at 855-742-6369, or fill out this form and a member of our team will contact you within 24 business hours.