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Long Term Care

What is
long-term care?

A quick overview of long-term care —
and how it can help YOU

What is long-term care?

Long-term care is medical + non-medical assistance that’s provided over a long period of time. It’s an ongoing service offered to people who need help with daily living activities.

“Who may need long-term care?”

People dealing with chronic diseases or complex health conditions like:





Alzheimer’s or dementia

Poor mobility


Did you know?

By age 65, almost half of U.S. adults have some difficulty with their daily living tasks.

Nearly 1 in 6 of all older adults reported at least one “adverse consequence” when a care need was not met.

Loss of mobility can lead to social isolation — which has been shown to result in outcomes like depression, chronic illness, and mortality.

Does this sound familiar?
Long-term care in your home may be what you need.

If you need help:




Getting Around

You may be eligible for quality in-home care, up to 24 hours per day. Our skilled, caring, in-home aides come to your door, providing WHAT you need, the way you like it — and for however LONG you need it.

Get Care Now

80% of seniors who need help manage to stay in the homes they love. So can YOU.

Your Preferred aide is trained to take care of people like you — people with complex or chronic medical conditions.

So you can trust them with a range of tasks, including:


Medication reminders



Fall prevention

Going to appointments

Bed-to-chair transfers

Peace of mind is priceless

Do you have a loved one with a chronic medical condition?

Are you worried about:

Slips and falls?


Poor hygiene?

Deficits from stroke?

Poor eating habits?

Poor mobility?

You don’t have to shoulder this alone.

Your loved one may be eligible for long-term care. Our long-term care aides help make daily life manageable and comfortable — for every member of the family. And you can rest easier, knowing your loved one is happy and protected.

Get Care Now

Living at home when you need extra care can be stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Over 10 years, our 40,000+ clients have discovered that getting care from a loving Preferred aide — in their own homes — can be a life-changing (and hassle-free!) experience.

Instead of



A sense of overwhelm

You get




Your coordinator will ensure you get all the services you need and explain everything in your language, in a way that’s easy to understand.

Get Care Now

“Our aide — Linda — is absolutely AMAZING. She’s been with us for two years. Linda is patient and loving. She engages my mom in conversation and they truly enjoy each other’s company. She’s become part of the family.”

Angelena Ragner

Get in-home care now

Call us now at 855-742-6369, or fill out this form and a member of our team will contact you within 24 business hours.