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Get back to yourself

Recently discharged from the hospital?
We’ll send you a qualified team of in-home therapists to help you get back to yourself.

Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Physical Therapy

“I want to be independent in my own home”

Nearly 90% of seniors like you want to stay in their own home. But after a stroke or surgery, independent living may feel like a pipe dream. We help make it happen, with comprehensive rehabilitation services from skilled therapists who are committed to helping you achieve your most critical goals.

Get a program that’s built for you

No two patients are alike — and no two rehab programs should be either. Our licensed and experienced professionals — each holding advanced degrees in their discipline — will evaluate your lifestyle and challenges, then create a custom rehabilitation program that meets your goals and your needs.

Get the services you need, fast

When you’re recovering from medical crisis or surgery, you can’t afford to wait weeks for therapy. We offer an unparalleled turnaround from evaluation to service: most of our patients get service in as little as 7 days.

Empower yourself to do daily tasks

Occupational Therapy (OT)

What we do: Your occupational therapist will help you accomplish everyday tasks with less stress and less struggle.

They’ll work with you on skills needed for day-to-day activities like:



Household Chores





Memory & Recall

They may also work with you to prevent falls and make your home safe by eliminating environmental hazards.

Regain your communication

Speech Therapy (SLP)

What we do: Your speech-language pathologist will help you communicate better with everyone around you.

They may work with you to improve your:

Articulation (speech sounds)

So your loved ones can better understand you.

Receptive Language

So you can understand what’s going on around you.

Expressive Language

So you can communicate clearly and effectively.


So you learn best techniques for avoiding aspiration and complications.

Get back on your feet

Physical Therapy (PT)

What we do: Your physical therapist will help you get around more easily and rely less on other people.

They’ll work with you to enhance your:






If you need an assistive device, they’ll help you learn to use it properly:




“When I told Diane ̶ the PT ̶ that I wanted to attend my
granddaughter’s graduation, she worked that goal into every
session. She was so pleasant to be around, and made me feel
like we were a team. The best part? I reached my goal. I am so

Vera O’Brien, New York, NY

Get skilled therapy now

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