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Sleep well at night, knowing your loved one is safe.

In people ages 65 and up, even “minor” falls can be fatal.

Does your loved one have the help they need?

Did you know?

Slips and falls are the #1 injury among mature adults.

1 in 3 adults over 65 becomes injured by a slip or fall.

800,000 slips and falls each year result in serious fractures and head injuries.

27,000 slips and falls each year result in death.

Nearly every move a senior makes carries a risk.

If your loved one is prone to FALLING, you may feel worried or helpless.

You know they don't walk steadily

You know their medications can cause dizziness

You know they don't always listen to doctor's orders

You want to make sure nothing bad happens, but can't stay at their side 24/7 - you have other important responsibilities!

“What if something happens on my watch? How would I ever live with it?”

You don’t have to carry this burden alone.

We’re here for you.

Sleep well at night – and allow yourself to breath easy by day – knowing our loving professionals are looking out for your loved one and keeping them safe.

Make sure all walkways are lit and clear

Remove all hazards that can cause slips & trips - like rugs and liquids

Assist your loved one up the stairs and around obstacles

Help your loved one bathe, walk and get around without falling

Our caring aides will keep your loved one safe.

“Mom is in better spirits” “We needed someone to be with my mom because she has multiple health issues. She’s prone to falling, and she can be forgetful. I felt worried and helpless! I spoke to Preferred’s staff and they seemed caring and knowledgeable; they found an aide with my preferences within days. The setup is great: I have more time to take care of my personal things without worrying about Mom. And Mom is in better spirits, because she isn’t as lonely.”

Carmen Diaz

“I feel better now” “My grandmother needed help with everything — from bathing to walking. I felt unsafe; I was worried she’d hurt herself. Today, I feel much better knowing that someone can go into the bathroom with her and assist her and walk with her. Preferred’s aides are considerate, and they do what’s needed to make my grandmother comfortable.”

David Daniels, Staten Island, NY

“We got a caregiver we’ve ALL come to love” “My mom had a bad fall. It was hard for her to do basic activities (like dressing), and she felt anxious about being alone. The very first person Preferred sent is someone we all — Mom, me, my sister — have grown to respect and love. She is a wonderful caregiver: she arrives on time, communicates well, keeps the apartment clean, gives my mother warm company, is reliable and pleasant, and more. I didn’t expect that.”

Phyllis Stern, Yonkers, NY

“I can get my life back” I had so many medical issues: congestive heart failure, arthritis, sciatica, herniated disc, asthma, high blood pressure and inability to walk. I felt depressed. I wanted to get out of the nursing home and Preferred was the first company to take me on as a patient. I love my aides, and I’m very happy. I feel like I can get my life back.

Cynthia Hardy, Astoria, NY

I was recently discharged from the hospital. I was very sick and needed help. Preferred sent me a temporary aide. I was so happy with her personality and service that I requested she be assigned to me permanently – and she was!

Carol Williams, Westchester, NY

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