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There IS “life after stroke”

Get back to yourself – and the routines you love – with a home care aide who understands

Did you know?

Strokes are the leading cause of adult disability in the US.

Nearly 50% of stroke victims have trouble getting around.

Nearly 25% of stroke victims will go on to have another stroke.


Stroke victims need help

When blood vessels in the brain clot or burst, the brain cells are starved of oxygen — and a stroke occurs. Stroke victims often lose significant muscle control and memory, which makes day-to-day living enormously challenging.

Do you watch your loved one…

Struggle to get the right words out?

Cry in frustration, because even the simplest things - like opening a bottle - have become so hard?

Sink deeper into depression, because they can't swallow or enjoy food like they used to?

Steadily detach from the world around them, because they feel overwhelmed and ashamed?


Common problems caused by stroke:


Muscle weakness

Paralysis, usually on one side

Trouble swallowing

Vision issues

Claw foot or foot drop

Muscle tightness

Vision issues


Fine-motor difficulties, like holding a pen




Trouble speaking

Loss of skills like reading, writing or math

Difficulty understanding

Loss of language skills







Loss of pride

Stroke symptoms can be permanent. But the pain doesn't have to be.

With the right help, your loved one can lead a full, happy life.

A compassionate Preferred aide will help them:

Get around the house without falling

Prepare wholesome, nutritious meals

Communicate their needs and feel understood

Remember to take medications (to prevent recurrent strokes)

Accomplish daily tasks like bathing, dressing, eating and toileting

The first six months of stroke recovery are critical

According to the NIH, people who get rehab treatment within 3-6 months of a stroke enjoy a 48-91% recovery rate. After that, chances of regaining strength and skills are lower.

Getting trained professionals to help your loved one recover is urgently important

Preferred’s skilled therapists will help your loved one:

Speech Therapy

Regain their speech and get their message across

Improve muscle strength to help them swallow better


Occupational Therapy

Accomplish daily tasks like bathing...on their own

Modify tasks to support independence


Physical Therapy

Stay safe and prevent falls by removing hazards

Strengthen their muscles so they can get around


Nutritional Counselling

Learn healthy habits to lower the risk of another stroke

Find out how to read food labels to make healthy choices


“My mother is very happy” “My mom had a stroke, and she couldn’t walk. Preferred’s staff was courteous and professional, and we are pleased with our aide. Most of all, my mother is very happy!”

Joseph Colombo, family member

Feel deep peace of mind, knowing your loved one is cared for.

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