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Smooth, reliable home care that changes your life

We help you stay happier at home.

What if you didn’t have to feel sad, stressed, or overwhelmed?

What if you could…

Take care of your family — without worrying about neglecting Mom or Dad?

Go to work each day — with zero guilt and abundant relief?

Feel 100% peace of mind, knowing your loved one is safe and happy?

With Preferred, you can.

Meet Sarah, age 82.

Sarah didn’t realize aging would be this tough: she’s having trouble doing basic things around the house.

At some point, she acknowledges that she needs daily help. But entrusting this most personal care into the hands of a stranger is hard!

Sarah pities herself

She wishes she didn’t have to share her space — and her life — with someone so unknown.

"Will they...

  • speak my language? “
  • cook the food I enjoy?”
  • appreciate my family and lifestyle?”
  • treat me with dignity and warmth?”

And most of all...

“How do I know this person deserves my trust?”

And then the paperwork overwhelm begins

  • “Where do I start?”
  • “How will I pay for this?”
  • “How do I get coverage?”
  • “Will I ever emerge from the paperwork?”

But it doesn’t
have to be.

At Preferred Home Care, you’ll enjoy a surprisingly smooth experience — from the moment you pick up the phone through the hours spent each day with your aide.

In a short time — and with zero hassle — you can drastically improve your quality of life.

We’ve helped


New Yorkers

and we’ll help you too.

Who we are

Founded in 2007 by a group of dedicated healthcare professionals, Preferred Home Care has rapidly earned the trust of doctors & social workers across New York, growing ― in just 10 years ― into one of the state’s largest licensed home care agencies.

on-site coordinators & case managers
certified aides
clients served
counties serviced across New York State
convenient office locations
spoken languages

Why did 40,000 people like you choose Preferred?

You get the help you need, guaranteed.

We are big — one of New York’s biggest home care agencies. Our high volume and scope empower us to tackle even the most complex cases: we have the connections + logistics to swiftly handle anything. Which means you won’t have to shop around, make endless calls, or wait weeks to get the help you need.

You don't get an amateur

Training is not an extra: it can spell the difference between “dream” and “disaster.” That’s why we employ only certified professionals who’ve completed extensive training, often in our very own DOH-accredited schools. Our aides are expected to master continually-updated curricula, as well as ongoing in-services that reflect the latest industry standards. So you can sleep well at night, knowing you’re in good hands.

You get the right match

You need an aide who is reliable and compassionate — but they also have to be a good fit. Our coordinators work tirelessly to handpick an aide who’ll blend into your family and lifestyle. So whether you need someone pet-friendly, culturally-aligned, or closer to your age, you’ll get a loving aide who is perfectly suited to meet your needs.

You feel like an "only"

You’ll get the best of both worlds: vast experience + personal attention. In every conversation, in every interaction, YOU are the one who matters. You can expect responsive, responsible coordinators who:

Listen carefully to your needs

Jumpstart the process

Make themselves available for questions

Follow up as often as necessary.

Go for the Gold

When it comes to your loved one’s wellbeing,  you want to go with superior, nationally-recognized care.

Awarded the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation for excellence in performance standards and commitment to safe and effective care.

We are a fully-licensed and accredited agency. Most of our aides graduate from our own training schools, accredited by the NYS DOH.